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This Audioscopes of Art site owned by Mary.

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Hello! Do people still come in here?? I have not been here in years so forgive me, none of this has been updated or mantained in years. I have a computer now and simply drifted away from audioscope art and good ole webbie. I hear its MSN TV now or something. Anyway, I will keep this up as long as Tripod keeps this page open. I would like to know if anyone still comes in here however. Give me a EEEEEEEEEE at and say I WAS HERE!!! LOL Thanks..Enjoy
All History Now...
The Audioscope Art page is something you have GOT to check out!! It is awesome what people have created using that audioscope tag!! I came up with the idea some time (years) ago when a good friend of mine (NoQuarter) sent me his homepage. (link probably doesnt work now) He had a very cool scope in it that I never would have guessed was made with Webtv and the audioscope tags! I had messed with plain audioscopes but this was ART! So with that I made my 1st Audioscope Art. It was kinda strange looking but with time I became better at it. Then I found the alt.discuss.audioscopes (not sure if that is still there) news group and found others with the same passion for them as I had. So I started collecting them and made a site for others to view the new kind of Art! With the help of lots of people with lots of talent it continues to grow. (I am sure it still does somewhere..but not here anymore) Many people still have not seen what can be done with the scope tag. By experimenting it has gone in different directions. It will be interesting what will develop next. Please take some time and check them out. Then maybe you will join in our addiction to Audioscope Art. However please note that only Webtv may see these scopes at this time. Sorry to all you computer ppl! :(

I have been blessed with these awards for the Audioscope Art Page. I thank those who have given them to me and I share them with all those who have contributed their works of Art. Thank You!

Week of Nov 22-28 1998

Featured in Net4TV Voice Jan 17 1999

Annies Treasures Jan 18 1999

March 1, 99 Noquarters

Jan 25, 2000

March 27, 2000