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Most of these audioscopes were created by plus users. Classic users may have problems seeing these scopes and it may also freeze or shut the classic box off. Even if you are a plus will not be able to view all of the scopes listed one after another without clearing your cache. If you notice pages looking funny that is a good indicator that you need to clean your cache. You can do this by hanging up and reconnecting or switch users and come back. For this reason...if you would like to see all the scopes listed on the audioscope page, you should book mark the Audioscope Art page before you go on.


Please also note that the banner on each page is a way back to the listed audioscopes.

One more thing I must mention..these audioscopes take NOT minutes but HOURS to make. Please do not copy them without emailing and asking the creators permission.

The creators email address is under the scope that they have made. Aren't they great!! If you like a scope...why not email the creator and tell them so.

Thank you for coming and please do come again!!